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Vision and Strategic Research Agenda: Focus Area Processes and ICT


Forward Excerpt

This Vision 2030 & Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) document is established by the Focus Area Processes & ICT (FA PICT) of the European Construction Technology Platform (ECTP). It addresses research needs in the field of ICT supported processes in the European construction sector over the coming years and sets out directions for research, development and innovation.

FA PICT was initiated on 19 September 2005 by the ECTP Support Group. The kick-off meeting was held on 21 October 2005. At that time the 6 other previously established FAs were already completing their SRAs which were then consolidated into an overall ECTP SRA, issued in December 2005. PICT started to prepare its SRA in March 2006. This was done in parallel with contributing to a follow-up document of the ECTP SRA, the Implementation Action Plan (IAP). The IAP included suggestions from all FAs for inclusion of priority topics into research programs, especially intoFP7, and was released in June 2007. The elaboration of the PICT SRA continued until the end of 2007. The outcomes were published in the final report of the Strat-CON project at the end of 2007. This document is edited to be consistent with the other ECTP documents.