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Foresight. Infectious Diseases: Preparing for the Future



The aim of the project:

To use the best available science to evaluate the threats of infectious diseases in humans, animals and plants over the next 10-25 years; and to produce a vision for their management, specifically through systems for detection, identification and monitoring.

An international approach:

While the UK Office of Science and Innovation commissioned the work, it has involved over 300 leading experts and stakeholders from nearly 30 countries, as well as many international organisations.

An independent scientific look:

The findings are the result of independent scientific analysis – they do not constitute the policies of governments or any organisations involved in the work.

A uniquely broad perspective:
This sets the Foresight project apart from other studies:

• It has looked across diseases in humans, animals and plants.
• It has involved experts from diverse disciplines – from social sciences to genomics, and from Earth observation to epidemiology.
• It has compared the situation in developing and developed countries –sub-Saharan Africa and the UK have been used as examples.