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A Study of Peronal Service Robot Future Marketing Trend: With the Foresignt of Technological Innovation



The new market for the robotics can be concluded into industrial service, personal service and professional service three segments. For personal service robot (PSR) segment, utilizations are including entertainment, education, home security, medical care and house work routine etc. Professional service robot is mostly considering for harmful mission substitution such as working in hazard environment, cramped space exploring etc. it usually involves lots of unique technologies and technological integration at certain technical difficulties and challenges. In this paper, we are targeting on PSR segment. It is aimed to related information collecting from the past to date, through a system categorizing and by using technological forecasting technique; we try to sort out all related critical technologies and to project the technological trend of personal service robot applications. In confronting with potential enormous PSR market growth next ten to twenty years, technological road map and breakthrough, is the key to determine the business viability in competition among all for PSR industry. In other words, technological innovation is the critical base to lead robotics industry to be prosperous. This study try find out specific technological road map and identifying the critical path that may impact the market wellness. Meanwhile, understanding the “technological push” or “marketing pull” through marketing strategic analysis and categorizing.

Keywords: Robotics; personal service robot; technological innovation; technological forecasting, marketing strategy