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World Energy Investment Outlook


Questions about the reliability, affordability and sustainability of our energy future often boil down to questions about investment. But are investors ready to commit capital in a fast-changing energy world? This special report in the World Energy Outlook series takes up this question in a full and comprehensive update of the energy investment picture to 2035 – a first full update since the 2003 World Energy Investment Outlook. With benchmark data on past investment trends and updated projections for investment at regional and global level, the report provides insights into:

  • „The structure of ownership and models for financing investment in different parts of the energy sector.
  • „ The continued importance of oil investment in the Middle East to meet demand, and the consequences of delay in such investment.
  • The dynamics and costs of LNG investment and how this can shape the future of global gas  supply. „
  • Where investment in the power sector might fall short of what is required, with important findings on the reliability of electricity supply in Europe and in India.
  • The outlook for investment in low-carbon technologies, including renewables, and energy efficiency and the barriers to their realisation. „
  • How global investment and financing requirements change if governments take stronger action to address climate change.