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Looking Forward: S&T for the 21st Century


Executive Summary


The global changes now taking place are far more profound than might generally be understood. It appears increasingly likely that the future we are planning for – of business as usual – is not the future we will get. The nature of the global tensions is increasingly complex, and is altering rapidly. These tensions include the balance between global freedoms and openness versus security and protected domestic “norms”; advancing (or protecting) economic well-being versus disruptions to social well-being; and accommodating the increased consumption of growing populations and economic development versus environmental degradation and resource insecurities. It is possible for Canada to become the most influential mid-sized nation in the world by understanding the drivers and dynamics drifts of the new world order, by building on its strengths and transforming into a leading society and economy. This report begins to explore some of those drivers and dynamics, illustrate Canada’s situation and advantage, and highlight how science and technology (S&T) will make a difference.