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2019 Outlook for Energy: A Perspective to 2040


The Outlook provides a projection of energy demand through 2040 using the International Energy Agency (IEA) and other credible third-party sources as a foundation. The projection is based on likely trends in technology, policy, consumer preferences, geopolitics and economic development. While these individual trends may vary over time, the snapshot provided by the Outlook can help to evaluate society’s progress toward addressing both aspects of the dual challenge. As these trends evolve, we continue to discuss our approach and conclusions with numerous stakeholder groups, economists and policy experts. The Outlook team also considers various sensitivities and third-party scenarios from peer-reviewed work to improve our understanding of the energy landscape. Addressing the dual challenge will have ramifications for every nation’s economic, energy security and environmental goals. By sharing our Outlook with the public, we seek to broaden understanding of the world’s energy system and enrich the dialogue on practical, robust solutions.

Energy, Climate, Technological innovation
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