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2030 Water Agenda



Twelve months have passed since we assumed the commitment during the 2010 World Water Day festivities to work together in formulating the 2030 Water Agenda, which will allow us to consolidate sustainable water policy and hand over to the next generation a country with clean water bodies, balanced supply and demand for water, universal access to water services and settlements safe from catastrophic floods.

In the months that have passed since then, we have developed rigorous technical-prospective studies, carried out hundreds of meetings throughout the country and collected and reviewed a large number of initiatives from all sectors of society. The broad scope of participation shows that water is in the hearts and minds of all Mexicans.

Water-related challenges are extensive and complex, but they can be overcome, if we act with determination and unity and if the effort is deployed in a consistent and continual manner. We have to unite our intentions, capacities and resources. We have to change our traditional means of relating to water; we cannot continue looking upon it as an infinite resource, but as a limited and costly good that we must manage responsibly for our benefit and for that of future generations.

For all of these considerations, we are pleased to present to the national community the product of a generous collective effort: the 2030 Water Agenda.

National Water Commission
Mexico City, March 22, 2011
World Water Day