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Final Report: The Advisory Group on the Energy Roadmap 2050


Introduction (excerpt)

The Ad Hoc Advisory Group (the Group) was set up with the aim of providing independent advice to the Commissioner for Energy in the preparation of the 2050 Energy Roadmap. The Group met on three occasions (in April, July and September 2011) and this report summarises the main contributions from the Group members, and lists a number of agreed recommendations to the Commissioner.

By the very nature of the Group’s membership, views on major aspects of the Energy Roadmap inevitably differed, sometimes strongly. For the Group’s work this has been an advantage, helping to sharpen the modelling and scenario work the Commission has been undertaking, forcing the different views to be tested out over the period to 2050. Given the period of four decades, a host of uncertainties, new technologies and changes in the nature of the European economy and society as a whole are likely to play out in ways that it would be foolish for anyone to try to predict. The actions by other major carbon emitters – such as the US, China and India – are yet to be determined following the Copenhagen and Cancun meetings in 2009 and 2010 respectively. The Group stressed that the design of the policy framework depends upon the nature of this uncertainty, and again the diversity of views has helped to provide insights into the robustness of different policy options.

Energy, Climate Change, Natural Resources
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European Union (EU), European Commission