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Africa Energy Outlook: A Focus on Energy Prospects in Sub-Saharan Africa


Sub-Saharan Africa’ s energy sector can be improved to unlock a better life for its citizens. This report describes one of the most poorly understood parts of the global energy system, offers an authoritative study of its future prospects – broken down by fuel, sector and sub-region – and shows how investment in the sub-Saharan energy sector can stimulate rapid economic and social development across the region.

The report:

  • Explores how quickly modern energy might be brought to the huge population currently deprived of it.
  • Highlights key actions in the energy sector that can unleash more rapid economic and social development in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Evaluates the role of renewables in the region’s energy future, and how important mini- and off-grid solutions can be in providing access to electricity.
  • Examines how existing and emerging oil and gas producers can maximise the value of their resources for economic development.
  • Identifies the benefits that greater regional integration of the energy sector can bring, as well as mapping the future role of sub-Saharan Africa in the global energy system.