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Brazil Agribusiness Projections: 2013/2014 to 2023/2024


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This report is an update and revision of the report Projections of Agribusiness – Brazil 2012/13 to 2022/23, Brasília – DF, June 2013, published by the Strategic Management Office of Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply.

The study aims to indicate possible directions of development and provide support to policy makers about the trends of the major agribusiness products. The results also seek to answer to a large number
of users in various sectors of national and international economy for which the information now disclosed are of enormous importance. The trends indicated will identify possible trajectories, as well as to structure future vision of agribusiness in the global context for the country keep growing and conquering new markets.

Projections of Agribusiness – Brazil 2013/14 to 2023/24 is a prospective view of the sector, the basis for strategic planning of MAPA – Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply. For their preparation the work of brazilian and international organizations were consulted, some of them based on models projections.