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Canada’s Energy Future: Scenarios for Supply and Demand to 2025


The National Energy Board (Board) is an independent energy regulatory agency. The Board has periodically published a long-term outlook for energy supply and demand in Canada as part of its ongoing monitoring function. The Board has embarked on its next report, which is scheduled for release in May 2003. The key objectives of this report are to provide a comprehensive analysis of Canadian energy markets and a coherent framework for public discussion on emerging issues and trends.

This Consultation Package is intended to provide the framework for discussions during the public workshops. The objective of these sessions is to provide an opportunity to comment on the Board’s analysis and preliminary results. The package is divided into five sections:

1. Scenario framework
2. Overview of scenarios
3. Key assumptions
4. Preliminary demand results
5. Preliminary supply results

Of note, each section contains a series of issues and/or questions. Participants in the public workshops, as well as those who choose to provide written comments, are asked to use these issues and/or questions as a guide.

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North America
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National Energy Board (Canada)