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Chile 2030 Visión: Towards a Vision for Agricultural Innovation in Chile in 2030


This paper aims to develop a vision statement for the agricultural sector that may then guide the future investments in Chile’s agricultural innovation system, A joint and shared perspective on how the sector might look and what role agricultural innovation should play in getting there is a prerequisite for any effective strategy. But developing such a vision is not only a function of what the country wants: it also depends on the context in which Chile’s agricultural sector will find itself. This paper therefore reports on a participatory process to explore the many uncertainties that surround Chile’s agriculture and to derive possible implications and answers. This will then lead to a vision for the sector that should be realistic both in terms of Chile’s agricultural ambitions and its surrounding uncertainties. Based on the vision, a series of topics that needs to be explored in the agricultural innovation system if Chile wishes to make its vision come true will be identified and briefly described. The current paper is the second one in a series of three that were agreed between the Government of Chile and the World Bank to support the development of a long term agricultural innovation strategy. The first paper reviewed the functioning of the three main public technological institutes and made recommendations on how their performance can be improved. This second study explores the future of Chile’s agriculture towards 2030, using a scenario planning methodology and developing a vision for the future of its agricultural innovation system. The third study will then outline a concrete action plan to make progress on the main topics that need to be addressed in order to achieve the vision.

Latin America
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