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Developing a Robust Water Strategy for Monterrey, Mexico: Diversification and Adaptation for Coping with Climate, Economic, and Technological Uncertainties


The study documented in this report uses RAND’s Robust Decision Making (RDM) framework to organize the analysis and was carried out in close collaboration with Monterrey’s water planning community. The results of the study show that the current capacity of Monterrey’s water system is not sufficient to sustain current reliability levels in the near term or beyond. Increases in water demand will soon reduce the reliability of the system below current levels (i.e., 97 percent), and potential declines in water availability across current source basins and groundwater sources would further erode reliability. In their analysis, the researchers defined a robust, adaptive water management strategy that includes near-term (to 2026) investments to expand the capacities of the system and make it more efficient while monitoring future water demand and climate conditions to inform expansions in the coming years (2027-2050).