GTFS: Global Trends and Future Scenarios Index

Development-Related Trends


This study highlights current trends and brings together future projections of the main drivers of global change. Fifteen variables are identified and the projections by key organisations are presented in one report. This source book is an update of the ODI source book of 2001.

This report is more limited in scope. It provides information and report on trends and existing future projections for a selected number of topics. It does not attempt to build new scenarios. This study is an update of the previous ODI source book of 2001. Since then, several forward looking studies have been published for some variables but not all. Key new publications that were not available last time include

  • New monitoring reports on achieving MDGs such as education, health and poverty
  • UNEP’s Global Environmental Outlook which now reports qualitative scenarios
  • Food projections such as for fish and the IMPACT 2020 model simulations