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Energy Efficiency 2018

Energy Efficiency 2018 cover


It is becoming increasingly clear that energy efficiency can bring many significant economic and environmental benefits. Yet it is also clear that huge energy efficiency potential remains untapped. While energy efficiency is improving, its impact on global energy use is being overwhelmed by increasing economic activity across all sectors. In 2017, global energy demand and emissions increased noticeably, breaking from recent trends. Energy efficiency is bringing benefits, but it could be doing much more. Energy Efficiency 2018 is the annual global tracker of energy efficiency trends and indicators. This year’s report is the most comprehensive analysis of current and future energy efficiency trends produced by the International Energy Agency (IEA). It incorporates a new Efficient World Scenario based on analysis from the IEA World Energy Outlook. This scenario answers the question of what would happen if countries realized all the available cost-effective energy efficiency potential between now and 2040.

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International Energy Agency (IEA)