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Energy in India’s Future: Insights


Introduction Excerpt

Since the 1990s, the easing of planning constraints have liberated the Indian economy and allowed it to embark on a more significant path of growth. New clichés have begun to replace the old: India will become a second China and, lagging by 10 to 20 years, will follow the same trajectory, with its development marked more by services and the use of renewable energy.

However, these trends will not prevent primary energy demand from exploding. In its reference scenario, the International Energy Agency estimated this demand would reach 566 Mtoe in 2006 and 1280 Mtoe in 2030. Indian officials estimate demand in 2030 will reach 1700 Mtoe. In this context, the IFRI European Governance and Geopolitics of Energy Project decided to devote a monograph to the energy dimension of the future India. Before presenting the chapters, it is necessary to summarize the main questions.