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Energy [R]evolution: For a Brazil with 100% Clean and Renewable Energy


In 2050 Brazil could have a 100% renewable energy mix, while creating new jobs, improving air quality and the lives of millions of people and helping to limit global temperature rise. To show that this is possible, the Energy [R]evolution 2016 proposes a path toward a new energy generation and consumption model that would meet the energy needs of Brazil in the coming decades in a cleaner and more just manner. This future represents a step forward for the country’s infrastructure, which would have a more diversified energy mix, and more autonomy for the urban population, who would generate their own energy and benefit from improved mobility in cities. At the same time, this future would ensure for traditional communities and indigenous people respect for their rights as the current hydroelectric plants proposed for the Amazon would not be built. The Brazilian economy and society would benefit directly, since the Energy [R]evolution would provide 618,000 jobs in 2030 related only to electricity generation and the use of solar and ambient heat throughout the country. Prices for electricity would fall, with savings of around R$ 45 billion (or US$ 19.3 billion) per year in 2050. The outcome would be a lower electricity bill and the possibility of generating one’s own electricity.

Energy, Climate Change
Latin America
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