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Energy Strategy for Russia for the Period up to 2030


Energy Strategy of Russia for the period up to 2030 (ES-2030) approved by decree N°1715-r of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 13 November 2009. The Strategy provides increase in the time horizon for strategic planning of the Russian energy sector until 2030 in accordance with new objectives and priorities of the country. The Strategy includes the following:

  • the current results of the Energy Strategy of Russia for the period up to 2020 realization and goods and objectives of the Strategy;
  • the main trends and forecasts of the country socio-economic development, and of the interaction between the economy and energy sector;
  • the prospects of demand for Russia’s energy;
  • the main provisions of the state energy policy and its most important elements;
  • the development prospects of the Russian fuel and energy complex;
  • the expected results and implementation system of the Strategy.

The Strategy focuses on the principles, strategic guidelines, the main components and mechanisms of the state energy policy implementation. The quantitative parameters of the economy and energy development are subject to verification during the implementation of the measures specified by the Strategy. The publication is intended for energy companies, research, consulting and educational organizations, state legislative and executive authorities, a wide range of experts in the
field of energy and the economy of the Russian Federation.

Energy, Economics, Natural Resources
Year Published:
Institute of Energy Strategy (Russia)