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Europe 2020: A Strategy for Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth


Excerpt from Executive Summary

Europe faces a moment of transformation. The crisis has wiped out years of economic and social progress and exposed structural weaknesses in Europe’s economy. In the meantime, the world is moving fast and long-term challenges – globalisation, pressure on resources, ageing – intensify. The EU must now take charge of its future.

Europe can succeed if it acts collectively, as a Union. We need a strategy to help us come out stronger from the crisis and turn the EU into a smart, sustainable and inclusive economy delivering high levels of employment, productivity and social cohesion. Europe 2020 sets out a vision of Europe’s social market economy for the 21st century. Europe 2020 puts forward three mutually reinforcing priorities:

– Smart growth: developing an economy based on knowledge and innovation.
– Sustainable growth: promoting a more resource efficient, greener and more competitive
– Inclusive growth: fostering a high-employment economy delivering social and territorial

Year Published:
European Union (EU), European Commission