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Forecasting of the Migration Processes Development on the Studied Territory


Abstract: The process of forecasting of migration processes includes various methods. Migration makes profound impact on the population structure, because its different groups participate in migration unequally. Researches of migration pointed that young people aged under 30 resettle more often, they can be either unattached or married, but without children. Families with children and especially in years move more rarely. The article considers the methods for the analysis of migration processes, their advantages are described. The author of the article notes that an unconditional priority there has to be an ensuring the maximum employment of the local population. Border territories where on earnings Chinese go mainly, Koreans and Vietnamese, – the third in Russia in size the center of attraction of foreign labor. Labor migrants arriving to Russia go first of all to construction, the industry and  agriculture.

Key words: Reduction of able-bodied population, Deficiency of a manpower, Involvement of migrants from CIS countries, Demography, Demographic processes, Migration policy, Migration outflow