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Fostering Effective Energy Transition: 2020 Edition

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This report highlights the key findings from the Energy Transition Index (ETI) 2020, part of the World Economic Forum Fostering Effective Energy Transition initiative. The ETI builds on its predecessor, the Energy Architecture Performance Index (EAPI), establishing fact‑based insights to support decision‑makers in their pursuit of a roadmap for a secure, sustainable, affordable and inclusive future energy system. The ETI does not only benchmark countries on their current energy system performance, but also provides a forward‑looking lens as it measures their readiness for the energy transition. The unforeseen risks uncovered by the current global environment make a strong case for strengthening the energy transition fundamentals – characterized as enablers for energy transition readiness. However, energy systems across countries are unique to local circumstances, the economic structure, socio‑economic priorities, and countries will adopt multiple pathways to pursue an effective energy transition

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World Economic Forum