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Future 2020: The Future of Science, Technology, and Well-being


Science and technology (S&T) are always advancing. But what will matter over the next decade is how technical abilities and scientific perspectives converge to fight illness and build well-being. This ten-year forecast map, The Future of Science, Technology, and Well-being, explores exciting convergences that are shaping how we respond to health challenges in powerful ways by opening up new scales of innovative action.

This map is designed to inspire you to consider new possibilities. As you work your way into this complex landscape, we ask:

» How will we be able to remake our bodies and minds with new technology?

» What will it be like to program our social networks to improve our individual and collective well-being?

» What kinds of high resolution peeks and previews of health risks and assets in the environment will we have access to in the future?

Health, Technological innovation
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Institute for the Future