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Future of Work 2030


We would like to use the possible solutions and calls to action as well as our roadmap to 2030 in this report to engage in a dialogue with clients, workers, social partners, politicians, policy-makers and other stakeholders. Our report draws on the global PwC report ‘Workforce of the future. The competing forces shaping 2030’ published in 2017. This global report develops ‘Four Worlds of Work’ for 2030 which kick-started the thinking about the many possible scenarios that could develop, and how to best prepare for the future. Our report focuses on the specific situation in the Netherlands and is addressed to organisations, people and government. No exploration of the future of work will ever be conclusive. Indeed, one of the defining characteristics of our age is its ability to surprise and confound. Remember that your starting point matters as much as your destination. The best response may mean radical change, or perhaps just a few steps from where you are today. Sitting back and waiting for events to unfold is no option. For us, this report is the start of a joint search, a shared pursuit of the huge challenges ahead of us, an invitation to co-create our future of work the upcoming decade.