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HOW RUSSIA DOES FORESIGHT / Where is the world going?


Russian strategic planning currently focuses on the long-term future, projecting up to 2030 and beyond. The Russian fore-sight debate has absorbed the influence of certain international thinkers, but despite some similarities to Western perspectives, there are important specificities in Russian foresight thinking, which places particular emphasis on geopolitical and geoeconomics developments. 

Many of the assessments by Russian analysts point to a changing world order, with power moving from West to East, and are pessimistic about what this means for Russia and for the world. This sense of gloom has increased since the mid-2010swith the sharp deterioration in relations between Russia and the Euro-Atlantic community. 

Strategic forecasting, as reflected in a new series of strategic planning documents with horizons to the late-2020s/2030s, has implications for understanding Russian policy priorities. Foresight also plays an important role in defence planning and is an essential part of Russian military science.