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Human Progress and Human Services 2035: A Scenario Exploration

Human Progress and Human Services 2035 report cover


This report presents the Human Progress and Human Services 2035 scenarios and the results of a scenario workshop among national leaders who stepped into the scenarios, considered the implications, and developed recommendations. In developing these scenarios IAF worked with our National Advisory Committee, acknowledged in the Appendix, and the Human Services Team at The Kresge Foundation to identify driving forces shaping human services, then developed preliminary long-term forecasts for key areas of human services (aging; behavioral health; children, youth and family; disability; housing; and income support). We also interviewed a wide range of experts on the forces in the larger macroenvironment (e.g., the economy, employment, technology, social and environmental trends) and additional human service experts. This project follows similar IAF national futures projects on vulnerability, primary care, health and health care services, and public health and benefited from those efforts.