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Insurance 2020: Innovating beyond old models


Executive Summary (Excerpt)

Predicting the future of insurance can be somewhat straightforward. Both the history and temperament of the industry constrain the realms of potential changes for this industry. This business is steeped in the paramount nature of its guiding principles and is equally tied to the information provided by the record of its transactions. Periodic forays into the art of forecasting by insurers just confirm doctrine instead of establishing a foothold for change. The projected uses of technology tend to focus on point solutions or keeping up with market peers. Overall, predictions tend to be short range and aimed at optimizing current operations and are linear projections for business outcomes.

Over the ensuing decades, it is easy to see the potential for robust market activity. The combination of classic protection products and an increasing number of financial services in an expanding global economy creates a target-rich environment. Traditionally, the task going forward would be to navigate the opportunities while efficiently servicing stakeholders. However, as we approach the end of the first decade of a new century, it is very important to increase the scope of our vision and consider what the insurance industry could become.

Technological innovation
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