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International Science in 2031 – Exploratory Scenarios


The purpose of this project was to explore how international science might develop over the coming two
decades in a changing economic, social, political and environmental context.

ICSU has used this foresight process to test its role and mission and to guide long-term strategic choices aimed at strengthening international science for the benefit of society. To this end, the conduct of the foresight exercise has been synchronized with the development of the ICSU Strategic Plan II, 2012-2017.

The foresight process was also carried out to produce a resource that ICSU Members and Partners could use to help develop their own long-term vision and strategic thinking with regard to international science.

In its simplest form, this project focuses on two key questions:
• What will be the key drivers influencing international science in the next 20 years?
• How can international science collaboration be supported to help science progress and benefit
society in the next 20 years?