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Joint Operations 2030: Final Report

JO 2030 Study Overview

Long-Term Scientific Studies (LTSSs) have been initiated under the auspices of the predecessors of the
NATO Research and Technology Organisation in 10 – 15 year cycles – the last such effort included
LTSSs on land, air and maritime operations and was initiated in the mid 1990s. Given that the missions of the Alliance and the attendant global security environment have changed significantly since that time, in 2006, the Systems Analysis and Studies Panel of the NATO Research and Technology Organisation
approved the conduct of a new LTSS, SAS-066, on Joint Operations in the year 2030 otherwise known as the Joint Operations 2030 Study.

At its outset, the objectives of the Joint Operations 2030 Study were to:

• Consider the impact that potential future global security environments could have on joint operations across a range of representative operations;
• Determine the types of capabilities that may be needed in this future environment; and
• Consider how applied technologies might have a potential impact upon future capabilities and
identify system concepts that could either close capability gaps or significantly enhance capabilities. as.