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National Decarbonization Plan 2018-2050

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This Plan summarizes the strategic actions that the Bicentennial Government has identified to implement the decarbonization of the Costa Rican economy. Decarbonization and resilience are recognized as the means to transform the current economic development model into one that is based on bioeconomy, green growth, inclusion, and on enhancing the well-being of all citizens. Costa Rica aims for a decarbonized economy with net-zero emissions in 2050, in a manner consistent with the long-term goal of limiting the increase of average global temperature to 1.5°C above preindustrial levels. The Decarbonization Plan, the National Adaptation Plan and Policy, and the Strategic Plan Costa Rica 2050 will constitute a new set of climate and development policies aimed at transforming Costa Rican economic, social and territorial models. It will seek to create decarbonization and resilience opportunities that will facilitate the effecting of a prosperous, sustainable and inclusive Bicentennial Costa Rica.

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