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National Energy Map for India: Technological Vision 2030


“The report discusses the data, assumptions, and methodological framework used to estimate useful energy requirements of the country based on demographic and economic drivers. Technological assessments of resources and energy conversion processes have been described in the report. Economic and technological scenarios have been developed within the integrated modelling framework to assess the best energy mix during the modelling time frame. Based on the scenario assessment, the report provides directions to various stakeholders associated with the Indian energy sector including policy-makers, technologists, and investors. The report clearly points towards the country’s increasing import dependence of all fossil fuels. It also indicates that coal would continue to play a key role in meeting the country’s energy requirements. However, the indigenous availability of coal is expected to plateau in the next couple of decades with the current exploitation plans and technology. The need for energy efficiency in the end-use sectors and radical policy changes in the transport sector is also highlighted. The study points towards focussing efforts simultaneously on the demand and supply sides for the economy to attain the most efficient utilization of available resources.”