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NATO 3.0: Ready for a New World


Sixty years after signing the Washington Treaty to build NATO’s collective defense, the members of the Alliance are facing a situation very similar in strategic terms to the one they had to face at the end of the 1940s. Indeed, today, just as before, the powers comprising this part of the world known as the West must be up to the challenge of not only a new and increasingly complex environment, but, in essence, also a more dangerous world for its citizens, interests, security, and survival.

Unlike those who do not perceive the threat to our societies or think that the West is doomed to decline, the Strategic Studies  Group  postulates a different thesis: Our security will diminish if we do not do anything to defend ourselves collectively  from our  enemies; yet this fate can be avoided. It requires having moral and strategic clarity in regards to our objectives. It also requires having the  right political  leadership  that  raises  awareness  and  motivates the will of governments and public opinion in the Western world and in NATO.