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Renewable Energy Scenario to 2040: Half of the Global Energy Supply from Renewables in 2040


Introduction Excerpt

This briefing shows that renewable energy sources will be able to play a significant role in future
energy supply worldwide.

In the long term, renewable energies will dominate the world’s energy supply system. The reason is at the same time very simple and imperative: there is no alternative. Mankind cannot indefinitely continue to base its activities on the consumption of finite energy resources.

Renewable sources of energy are in line with an overall strategy of sustainable development. They help reduce dependence on energy imports, or do not create a dependence on energy imports in countries that will have increased energy needs in the future, thereby ensuring a sustainable security of supply. Furthermore, renewable energy sources can help improve the competitiveness of industries and have a positive impact on regional development and employment. Renewable energy technologies are suitable for off-grid services, serving those in remote areas of the world without having to build or extend expensive and complicated grid infrastructure.