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Scenarios for IEEE


What potential innovations could IEEE foster over the next two decades that would most benefit humankind? To answer that question, one must first understand the evolving context within which IEEE operates, the range of innovations now emerging, and the uncertainties upon which the ultimate outcomes will depend.

This report invites readers on an exploration of key trends and uncertainties shaping IEEE’s operating environment in order to identify the actions that IEEE leaders should take today to assure the organization’s success and relevance across a range of alternative futures. These alternative futures can best be described in scenarios that stretch thinking out to the year 2030, so that the decisions made in the near term reflect a larger opportunity space than would otherwise be visible. With these scenarios in mind, IEEE is in a better position to identify strategies that align with its vision, and then to translate these strategies into operational imperatives. This approach will help leaders ensure that their thinking focuses on the highest-potential innovations in the larger world of technology as well as within IEEE over the next two decades.