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Societal Transformations 2018 to 2037: Case Finland


Parliament of Finland Summary:

This report describes a hundred rapidly evolving technologies that have a radical impact. The analysis covers all significant areas of organised activity and the most essential goals of individual activity. Impacts are anticipated with the help of twenty value-producing networks. Each of these networks is described through their main purpose, key values and potential transformation. The impacts of several of the introduced technologies alone are expected to exceed the impact of the Internet and smartphones on the activities of organisations and the everyday lives of individuals by 2037, the chosen year of evaluation. The new operating models presented in the report that will challenge the current basic structures of society are maturing quickly. We should also consider the possibility of the start of a new Kondratiev cycle and a potential crisis arising from the rapid transformation of socioeconomic structures. This report leans on thousands of sources compiled by hundreds of experts, with roughly 1,600 of the links included in this report. The sources explain the detailed development background of the highlighted technologies. In addition to the technologies, this report also lists 2,000 areas of application or social impacts, 250 new professions and 100 legislative objectives or areas of development in administration that are enabled by these technologies.

Technological innovation
Year Published:
Risto Linturi, Osmo Kuusi
Parliament of Finland