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Technology Outlook 2020


Publisher’s Note

Who wouldn’t want to know which technologies will be in play towards the end of this decade? With today’s speed of innovation and introduction of new technologies, anticipating the future is no easy task.

Dnv’s Research and Innovation unit has a long tradition of publishing technology outlook, where we try to look into the crystal ball for selected industry sectors. Last time was in 2008, and then we looked towards 2015. already we can see that many of our predictions were right, but we also see that we have been proven wrong in a few areas. For example, the development of wind energy has been much more rapid than we anticipated.

Our objective of technology outlook 2020 is to share our views and to stimulate discussion about future technologies towards 2020. the views and analyses have been formed by the Research and Innovation unit and might not be shared by all parts of the Dnv organisation. We don’t claim to have all the answers, but we have based our opinions on our expertise and competence in a broad range of areas.

Technology outlook 2020 looks at future technologies in four main areas: shipping, fossil energy,  renewable and nuclear energy, and power systems. A supplement covering technologies related to healthcare will be published at a later stage. We start by summarising the most important global trends affecting all these industries. A visualisation of how a sustainable coastal community of the future might look like is given at the end.

We firmly believe that technology is a vital part of the solution for many of the global and industry challenges facing us today. We also believe that the best way to be prepared for the future is to have a broad view over technologies from many industry sectors. I hope you will use this publication to engage in a discussion about the future with us.

Enjoy the read!

Elisabeth Harstad
Managing Director, Research & Innovation