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The Africa Water Vision 2025: Equitable and Sustainable Use of Water for Socioeconomic Development


Vision Summary (excerpts)

At the dawn of the new millennium Africa faces a number of serious socio-economic problems that call for urgent remedial action if current trends towards endemic poverty and pervasive underdevelopment are to be turned around. The crucial role of water in accomplishing the needed socio-economic development goals is widely recognized. On the face of it, water should not pose a constraint to such development for Africa appears to have abundant water resources. It has large rivers, big lakes; vast water lands and limited, but widespread ground water resources. Moreover, it has a high potential for the development of hydroelectric power.

The Africa Water Vision for 2025 is thus designed to avoid the disastrous consequences of these threats and lead to a future where the full potential of Africa’s water resources can be readily unleashed to stimulate and sustain growth in the region’s economic development and social well-being