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The Future of Women at Work


McKinsey Global Institute Summary:

Technological change, notably the adoption of automation technologies, is beginning to transform the way many of us work. Observers of this unfolding phenomenon have long asked how automation may affect the working lives of men and women differently, and new research from the McKinsey Global Institute attempts to answer that question.

The report is part of the McKinsey Global Institute’s research program on the future of work, and it focuses on how the growing adoption and diffusion of automation and artificial intelligence technologies is likely to affect women in the workforce. This research was prepared for the Women Deliver 2019 conference as part of our knowledge partnership with Women Deliver. We used MGI’s models on automation and the future of work to create scenarios for the future of work for women and men. We drew out differences in patterns of impact in the period to 2030 in ten countries (six mature economies and four emerging economies) that account for about half of the world’s population and that are representative of a wide range of demographic profiles, stages of economic development, and progress toward gender parity. This research complements MGI’s research on the “power of parity” that has, over the past four years, explored trends in gender inequality in work and society around the world and what can be done to advance women.