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The Future Report 2012


Executive Summary Excerpt

Increasingly we are becoming aware that there is more change happening in the world, society, across industry sectors and in many disciplines of science than ever before and that the change is happening at an increasing pace. In this report we’ve assembled a wide selection of the most influential drivers ofchange that will shape our markets and businesses in the coming years. We’ve raised issues that, in the main, demand a response from us now, not in five or ten years’ time. In order to guide you, the report is divided into themes and is fully referenced. There are over 180 links to the sources that have informed our thinking and they are listed in the endnotes. The timeline that we’ve drawn up serves to illustrate the volume ofchange but also thatchange happens in parallel across all fields and geographies at the same time. Those changes have a tendency to conspire together to create compelling change scenarios. It is often at these inflection points that new business models form. This means new sub-sectors or solutions are created, displacing existing products, services and even providers.