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The Ocean Economy in 2030


For many, the ocean is the new economic frontier. It holds the promise of immense resource wealth and great potential for boosting economic growth, employment and innovation. And it is increasingly recognised as indispensable for addressing many of the global challenges facing the planet in the decades to come, from world food security and climate change to the provision of energy, natural resources and improved medical care. While the potential of the ocean to help meet these challenges is huge, it is already under stress from over-exploitation, pollution, declining biodiversity and climate change. Realising the full potential of the ocean will therefore demand responsible, sustainable approaches to its economic development.

The ocean economy encompasses ocean-based industries (such as shipping, fishing, offshore wind, marine biotechnology), but also the natural assets and ecosystem services that the ocean provides (fish, shipping lanes, CO2 absorption and the like). As the two are inextricably inter-linked, this report addresses many aspects of ecosystem services and ecosystem-based management all the while focusing on the ocean-industry dimension.