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The Strategic Perspective and Long-Term Socioeconomic Strategies for Israel


Publisher’s introduction

This report expands on three further RAND inputs to the task force: the role for a strategic perspective as part of the policy planning process in Israel; the challenge of defining socioeconomic goals compatible with an underlying vision; and how to apply a strategic perspective, using as an example an issue (the aging of Israel’s population) that crosses short and longer time horizons, as well as the responsibilities of many ministries. Our purpose is to provide a summary document for policymakers and staff that captures some of the mechanics of bringing a strategic perspective to socioeconomic strategy and provides an illustrative application.

The NEC in the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) and the MOF sponsored the research reported here. This report should be of interest to the Israeli public at large, government officials in Israel responsible for policy design, and researchers and others who have an interest in comparative governance and strategy