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Transportation Vision for 2030


The Vision:

The safety, security, efficiency, and reliability of our Nation’s passenger transportation system and infrastructure will be world class. We will waste less time and fuel while stalled in traffic jams, and less time and money will be wasted as a result of airline delays. There will be less transportation-generated pollution and noise in our communities. We will have increasing access to highquality, public transportation during peak travel periods. Our vehicles will accommodate alternative fuels and new energy-saving technologies. America, as a result, will be significantly less dependent on foreign oil. Our transportation system will minimize greenhouse gas emissions and be prepared for the impacts of climate change. Technological innovation will improve the way that people and goods move around the country and the world.

The transportation system in 2030 will be:

Safe, Less Congested: Free all of us to make daily decisions, confident that people and goods will reach their destinations safely and on time.

Economically Competitive: Strengthen America’s leadership role in the global economy and spur economic growth and job creation.

Energy Independent: Guarantee our energy independence by reducing our Nation’s dependence on foreign oil.

Environmentally Sustainable: Ensure environmentally sustainable communities and curb greenhouse gas emissions.

Secure: Provide security for national and international passenger, freight, and hazardous materials movement.

Resilient: Prepare for, and respond and be resilient to, manmade and natural disruptions.