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Vision 2023: Turkey’s National Technology Foresight Program – a contextualist description and analysis


This paper describes and analyses Vision 2023 Turkish National Technology Foresight Program. The paper is not about a mere description of the activities undertaken. It analyses the Program from a contextualist perspective, where the Program is considered in its own national and organizational contexts by discussing how the factors in these contexts led to the particular decisions taken and approaches adopted when the exercise was organized, designed and practiced. With the description and analysis of the Vision 2023 Technology Foresight Program, the paper suggests that each Foresight exercise should be considered in its own context. The exercise should be organized, designed and practiced by considering the effects of the external contexts (national, regional and/or corporate) and organizational factors stemming from these different context levels along with the nature of the issue being worked on, which constitute the content of the exercise.

Keywords: Foresight, contextualism, Vision 2023, Turkey, Science and Technology, Policy

Technological innovation
Asia, Europe
Year Published:
Ozcan Saritas, Erol Taymaz, Turgut Tumer
Economic Research Center