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Vision 2040 Mining, Mineral and Innovation – A vision for Australia’s mineral future


This report is the result of extensive consultation with industry stakeholders undertaken over the past two years as part of the commodity futures research led by ISF and funded by the CSIRO Minerals Futures Collaboration Cluster. It reframes the complex issues surrounding Australia’s mineral future, suggests solutions and identifies the opportunities that change will bring.

Introduction (excerpt)

It is 2040 and Australia’s economic prosperity is the result of decades old strategic decisions about the future. These decisions challenged the short-termism of government policy and industry focus on capitalising on high commodity prices. These decisions made it possible to harness Australian ingenuity for transformational change. These decisions were made by individuals and companies, communities  and elected representatives in parliaments. These decisions about the future shaped our present.

In 2011, the issues surrounding Australia’s mineral future are complex, requiring broad and ongoing discussion among all stakeholders to reframe problems, find solutions and identify the opportunities that change will bring.


Mason, L., Lederwasch, A., Daly, J., Prior, T., Buckley, A., Hoath, A., Giurco, D. (2011). Vision 2040: Mining, minerals and innovation – A vision for Australia’s mineral future, [prepared for CSIRO Minerals Down Under Flagship], Institute for Sustainable Futures (UTS, Sydney, Australia) and Curtin University (Perth, Australia).