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World Population Prospects and the Global Economic Outlook: The Shape of Things to Come


This paper examines global demographic prospects to the year 2030 and assesses the influence that impending population trends may have upon economic performance in coming years for the world as a whole and the major regional economies. A reasonably reliable assessment of prospective global trends to 2030 is feasible today because the overwhelming majority of people
who will be living in that future world are already here, alive today. This includes all of that future world‘s senior citizens and almost its entire workforce. Major changes in global population trends are in the offing—among these, a sharp slowdown in the growth of available manpower, with impending declines of manpower for some regions, and pervasive population aging. Furthermore, in many of today‘s important ―emerging markets‖ demographic pressures may constrain economic growth more significantly than is currently appreciated. Coping with these looming demographic realities will require far-reaching reforms and innovations if we hope to maintain the pre-crisis tempo of global economic growth (much less accelerate it).