GTFS: Global Trends and Future Scenarios Index

The Dialogue’s long-term global trends program aims to increase Latin America’s exposure to the growing global trends network. In cooperation with the Inter-American Development Bank, the Dialogue’s initiative will provide governments, banks and corporations, universities and think tanks, and other institutions in Latin America fresh, continuing access to vital information and analyses on relevant trends and future scenarios that are available outside the region, and strengthen the region’s own capacity to conduct and disseminate similar studies.

An increasing number of government agencies, think tanks, policy research centers, and major corporations and banks in the US, Europe, and Asia are focusing attention on long-term global trends, which they believe will shape and constrain world political, economic, social, and security developments in the coming period. There is now a growing recognition that it is crucial for governments, multilateral organizations, and private institutions to understand these trends and their likely impact in order to formulate effective, forward-looking national governance strategies to meet future challenges and opportunities.